Alburnett Archery Club

Alburnett Archery Club

Archery Season begins in November and runs through February

NASP archery is designed for students in grades 4th-12th.



Jodi Burns




Shelly Wilson




Stephanie Cooper



Head Coach

Tim Dougherty


Practices are held at the Waltonians archery range in Toddville


  • Genesis bows and arrows are available to use. You do not need to purchase anything unless you want to.
  • Finger tabs or Archery gloves are nice to have to protect fingertips.
  •  Arm guards can also be used to protect your arm when releasing arrow.

Process of shooting

  • All actions are done with whistle commands as follows
        Two Blasts-Get Bow
        One Blast-Shoot
        Three Blasts-Go Get Arrows
        Five or more Blasts-STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING IMMEDIATELY!

Archery Range Rules

  1. Know and obey all range commands and instructors.
  2. Always keep your arrows in your quivers until told to shoot with the “one whistle” command.
  3. Only use the arrows your instructor gave you. Remember what they look like.
  4. Always keep your arrows pointed down to the floor or at the target.
  5. Only aim and shoot at your target downrange.
  6. If you drop an arrow, leave it on the ground until you are told to retrieve all your arrows.
  7. Always WALK on the archery range.
  8. Always be courteous to the shooter next to you.
  9. Stand behind the waiting line when you are finished or not shooting.
  10. Only one archer may retrieve their arrows from the target at a time.
  11. Be sure no one is behind you when removing your arrows.
  12. Walk back to the waiting line and return your arrows to your quivers after retrieving them.

Eligibility and Behavior

  • The Alburnett Archery team participates in the same eligibility requirements as other school sports. We look to the parents to keep our kids on track and impress upon them that school is the most important activity in their young lives.
  • Archers are required to listen to their coaches at all times and no horseplay is allowed. This is for the safety of the entire team.

Team Details and scoring

  • A team consists of 12-24 students with at least 4 of the opposite gender.
  • The top 12 scores will be used to determine our team score.


  • A practice round will be done from 10 meters with 5 arrows, then three scoring rounds with 5 arrows each. The same process takes place at 15 meters. (Each flight takes about 45-60 minutes.
  • Two archers are at one target, each archer fills in the scores of the other archers arrows using the bubble scorecard.  It is important to always check your own score card before pulling your arrows at each round to ensure it was marked properly.
  • Alburnett Archery participates in several invitational’s at other NASP schools.
  • If you sign up for a tournament and circumstances change that you are unable to go, we ask that you notify a coach ASAP.
  • Typically schools charge $2-$3 Archer, $5 Adult and $3 Student and concessions are available.
  • It is important to arrive an hour earlier than your flight time to warm up and be ready without feeling rushed and in case the school is running ahead on time.
  • Awards are given at the end of the invitational for top archers and top teams. If you are not there to receive your award, a coach will be there to accept and bring the award to the next practice.

Virtual Shoots

  • These are ‘virtual’ worldwide tournaments that are held at the clubs ‘homebase’ Waltonians. Scores are taken during practice and entered in an online database.

State Competition

  • The State Tournament is typically held the first weekend of March in Des Moines at the State Fairgrounds for qualifying teams and individuals.

Nationals Competition

  • National Tournament is held in Louisville, KY the second weekend in May for qualifying teams and individuals.

Worlds Competition

  • Worlds Archery Tournament is typically held in June with a different US location each year for qualifying teams and individuals. 


In order for archers to attend State, National or World Competitions we have at least 3 fundraising events. Your participation will help with archer registration fees and family travel costs for out of state events.

  1. Mister Clean Car Wash Card for either full service or express wash. Cards to be sold from November-December
  2. Alburnett Invitational will be held in January at Alburnett School. We will have over 400 archers attending and their families so your participation is greatly needed for this large event. A signup will be sent out closer to the event.
  3. A March Fundraising Dinner is held to help fund a team to take to Nationals. Sign up will be sent out closer to this event.