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Today's Incident Update

posted May 28, 2014, 4:20 PM by Josh Henriksen

Alburnett Community, 

Unfortunately we experienced a very serious incident at school during dismissal today. Thanks to observant community members, a report was made to law enforcement that what appeared to be a long gun had been brought onto school grounds. Law enforcement notified the school and we immediately began procedures for lock down. Thanks to our recent ALICE training in emergency response, students were secured in classrooms and evacuated where possible. Law enforcement located the gun and completed a thorough search of the building. There were no attempts to use the weapon. Students were dismissed approximately one hour later.

Many people deserve our heartfelt thanks this evening. The Alburnett staff did exactly what they have been trained to do. We could not be prouder of their response. Our students followed directions without question. Thank you to them for trusting our direction. Many parents and community members were already with us due to the timing of the incident and stepped in to direct and comfort students. And perhaps above all else, thank you to our law enforcement officers for their quick response time. It was an impressive showing of coordination and attention to the safety of all.

It was not a situation to be taken lightly and because of this, your children will have many questions and concerns. Please assure them that they were protected and behaved so well. If they wish to visit with counseling staff in the coming days, please contact us. Staff will be available in the building tomorrow as needed.

Again I want to reiterate that the ALICE training we received last fall from the Linn County Sheriff’s Office was used today. With this training our staff was prepared and responded appropriately.

Finally, if your children needed to leave items behind today, the building is now open this evening and tomorrow.

Alburnett community, thank you for your cooperation and support today.