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Supply List MS/HS

posted Jul 28, 2014, 7:49 AM by Josh Henriksen
Here is the Middle School Supply List.  We typically don't have a high school supply list, as students tend to add/drop classes at the beginning of the year and it is usually the same as middle school.  If there are course specific items they need, they will be given that information on the first day of school.

Here is the 6-8 Supply List for the upcoming school year.  We don't typically have a high school supply list, but many of these same items would be fine.  If there is a need for specific items from high school teachers, students will get that information with their syllabus on the first day of school.

Alburnett Middle School Supply List
Grades 6-8

1 3” heavy duty 3 ring binder or large trapper keeper
7 heavy duty pocket folders
3 hole pencil pouch that can be put into binder
24 pencils per semester
3 blue/black pens
1-12” ruler able to be put into binder
1 protractor (All math)
1 compass (7th/8th math and science)
1 Scientific Calculator (7th and 8th math and science) (TI-30XIIS recommended)
3 packs of loose leaf paper
2 packs of index cards
1 composition notebook 
2 spiral 1-subject notebooks 
1 3-ring binder (8th Financial Literacy)
1 hand pencil sharpener (Art)
1 flash drive (Kuhlers)


Athletic shorts, t-shirt, athletic shoes, padlock (PE locker), stick deodorant (No aerosol/sprays)