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Post Prom Announcement

posted Apr 22, 2014, 10:21 AM by Josh Henriksen

Attention Senior & Junior Parents!   

 The Post Prom Party Committee has been hard at work preparing for our annual Post 

Prom Party Event!  Every Senior & Junior has been invited to attend, along with their dates! 

(Please note that your student does not need to attend Prom in order to join in the Party 

fun!)  The Party will be held at the Cedar Rapids Helen G. Nassif YMCA following Prom on 

April 26th and 27th.  The lock­in will begin at 12:15 AM sharp and the students will be released 

at 5:30 AM the next morning.  Please talk with your student regarding his/her attendance 

(sign­up was required!) and the information he/she received at the Post Prom Party Rally 

on April 9th.  Please note that if your student signed­up to attend, and does not arrive to the 

Party before the doors are locked, your student may not be allowed entrance, and you will 

be contacted by 12:30 AM.  Please call Kristin Neighbor (360­4874) or Marcia Sadler 

(929­1389) with questions or concerns.  (In case of emergencies, Kristin & Marcia may 

also be reached at these numbers during the Party.)Parents:  It is not too late to donate to 

our Post Prom Party fundraising efforts!  Any amount will be greatly appreciated! 

Donations can be given to Kala Liebe, Kristin Neighbor or Marcia Sadler!  The committee 

is excited to give your students a fabulous night of food, entertainment and fun that will be 

safe and memorable!  Thank you!!!