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Alburnett Clothing is in!

posted Sep 25, 2014, 8:55 AM by Josh Henriksen

The Alburnett generic clothing items are in!  

We were able to pick up some of the apparel yesterday and the rest today.  Some orders have already been distributed to the school to go home with students tonight.  And the remainder should be going  home with students tomorrow, not unless other delivery methods have been arranged.  If you receive your orders and something doesn't look correct, please let either Diane Smith or Dede Eschen know.

In addition to the orders that are going out/home today and tomorrow, Diane and Dede will be selling any extra items from ball caps, to shirts, to blankets, etc. before the Homecoming gametomorrow/Friday.  Look for the generic apparel table to be set up near the football field entrance from 5:30 - 7.

Thank you!