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Alburnett Apparel Orders

posted Dec 19, 2014, 8:38 AM by Josh Henriksen
Hello Pirates,

Just wanted to let you know the Generic Christmas Apparel Order is in.  If it appears safe and we were able to track down you kiddos, items will be making their way home with them.  Please check their bags when they get home.

For many, we will be up at the school from 5-6 tonight during the games to make sure that we get them in your hands.  Please stop by if you are able.  We will work to post where we are visible.

For those remaining that we haven't connected with today, we will be calling you over the weekend and working out a time to deliver or place to meet to give you your orders.

Please note, the duffle-bags and jackets (including wind shirts) were not available when we picked up orders.  That is due to the extra time for embroidery.  We should be able to pick them up Monday and will work with those of you who ordered these items to hand them off.

Because a few items are still coming and we noticed a few mishaps with sizes, we will not cash checks until after the holidays to make sure that everything is correct with your orders.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Thank you and have a Happy Friday.

Dede Eschen and Diane Smith